Whitehorse City Council


Key Contacts
  • Jeff Chambers
    Acting Team Leader Parks, Planning and Recreation
  • Concept plan
  • Design briefs
  • Investment plan review

A new strategic direction for Morack Public Course, Victoria

In 2015/16, Whitehorse City Council developed a strategic plan to guide the future direction of its Morack Public Golf Course.  WellPlayed Golf Business Consultancy, in conjunction with Crafter + Mogford Golf Strategies, was engaged to assist.

The strategic plan established ways in which Morack could be developed into a contemporary golf facility in accordance with three strategic directions.  Where relevant, improvement and development activities within each strategic direction were incorporated in a new Concept Plan.

Council has now engaged WellPlayed to assist further planning for Morack by:

  • Assessing and updating the Concept Plan
  • Preparing detailed design briefs for the new Golf Pavilion + Precinct, Driving Range and Premium Mini-Golf
  • Reviewing the investment plan